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Welcome back, players. A new season, a new beginning. Many of you are returning players. For those of you who are new, one of the cool things about this league is that we post the results of each game. I try to get the post up by the day after each game. Our stat keeper is also the scorekeeper so he may not catch everything but he does his best. And now for the results of Week I.


Morning Glory is a new entry to the YMCA league. Mailman pulled together some friends that play together at the Y at 6:00 AM! These guys are dedicated. In addition to Mailman, Abner has great handles and acts as the distributor, Joe sets up in the key, Paul is a solid all-around player who dishes and drives, Patrick shoots threes, and Joel shoots a lot of threes.

The version of Z-Team features the return of Chris Ballard plus three first-time players, Andrew, Eric and Paul. The rest of Z-Team should be available sometime before Thanksgiving, in shallah, as they say at the mosque. Paul and Duffy will be back soon. Russ will be back next game. Parker and I are on the DL.

The game started slow with both teams getting used to new players. There were a few offensive miscues and defensive missed assignments that kept the score down. Then Patrick and Joel of the Glory started lighting it up from the three line. Abner showed off some flashy moves on the base line that resulted in layups and foul shots. Mailman always delivers. A team effort kept the score close. Joel dropped in 23 including 6 high arc treys that were a wonder to watch. Patrick and Paul added 11 each and Mailman contributed a fine collection of hooks and soft jumpers to finish with 16.

At the 13 minute mark, the Zs started to pull away. Andrew was a beast on the boards finishing with 13 along with a gaudy 36 points. C Ballard is back! He matched Andrew’s 36 and 13, but he also ran down loose balls, zipped passes inside, and grabbed rebounds. Eric, the smallest guy on the court, ripped down 15 rebounds! Paul played his usual no-mistake game for the Zs. Defense was the glory of Z-Team the downfall of the Glories. The famed Z-Team ball movement and mid-court fast breaks confused the Morning Glories. They are still getting used to playing at night. They will be ready next time. For this contest Z-team was the victor: 96 -75.

MORNING GLORY Player Points Rebounds
Abner 11 4
Joe 4 3
Paul 11 5
Patrick 11 9
Joel 22 1
Mailman 16 5
Z-TEAM Player Points Rebounds
Eric Quant 20 15
Chris Ballard 36 13
Andrew Simmons 36 13
Paul Baer 4 8


Team Caldwell is a perennial powerhouse. They have won the league more than once due to a very strong lineup of athletic and smart players. This year is no different although they have tinkered with their lineup. KK is gone but they have added AB Najee, fresh from playing in Spain, and David Dean. Special Ed is special. Led by Jeremy Engleman, this team is playing for the right reasons. They love the game.

The Caldwells went to work early with Stan moving fluidly around the post, AB slashing and JJ jacking up some long treys. Special Ed picked up John Rice this year and boy, did he make a difference! John is a genuine threat every time he touches the ball. He provided a great counterpoint to team captain Jeremy who came out firing. Jeremy finished with 23 points. The Specials brought in a temporary player on loan from Team Morning Glory, Joel, who was the outside threat. He knocked down 7 treys for the game.

JJ also drained 7 treys for the Caldwells. His usually very solid dribble drive game was a little shaky. It didn’t matter, though. He was a force on defense and offense, finishing with 27 points. AB, after coming up the hard way through junior college, then a four year institution, and finally playing for a team in Europe, really showed his growth as a player on Wednesday. First, he faced up on John and stayed with him, step for step, setting the tone for his team defensively. Then he shared play making duties with Lev Mendel and David Dean. Between the three of them, the ball moved nicely. Other than Jeremy and John, the Specials had a hard time keeping up with the Caldwells’ ball movement.

Jeremy often just stayed in the middle on defense, especially on team Caldwell fast breaks. He had five blocks with his feet never leaving the floor–a true veteran with great timing. Tristan played hard against player much taller and faster than him. He did his best to give them the business. He also made a nice shot at the end of the game. Patrick, also a loaner from Morning Glory also put in some good minutes with 8 points and 6 bounds. In the end, it was Team Caldwell: 106 -83.

SPECIAL ED Player Points Rebounds
Jeremy Engleman 23 15
John Rice 27 8
Tristan 2 1
Joel 25 6
Patrick 8 6
TEAM CALDWELL Player  Points Rebounds
Stan Caldwell 26 9
JJ Frazier 27 9
AB Najee 33 10
David Dean 9 4
Lev 4 2
Paul 4 2

High Scorers: Andrew Simmons 36, Chris Ballard 36, AB Najee 33, John Rice 27, JJ Frazier 27, Stan Caldwell 26

Kings of Rebound: Eric Quant 15, Jeremy Engleman 15, C Ballard 13, Andrew Simmons 13

Double Doubles: Andrew Simmons 36&13, C Ballard 36&13, Jeremy 23&15, AB 33&10, Eric 20&15

Players of the Game: Andrew Simmons, Chris Ballard, AB Najee

Team Caldwell 1-0
Free Ballin 0-0
Special Ed 0-1
Morning Glory 0-1
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