Fall YMCA 2017 Basketball – Week 5

First, I want to thank Joel, Patrick and JJ for helping with the refereeing and score keeping this week. I am hoping that by next week, we will have a regular ref and two score keepers for the rest of the season. Now for the results.


Since adding big man, Evan, Morning Glory has become a new team. They now have a totally legit post player to round out their roster of shooters. And they made the first run of the night. Led by Joel in past games, this time it was Patrick, Abner and Paul who were knocking down the long ball while Evan was lunch pailing it in the paint.

Free Ballin had a hard time getting it out of first gear. Brandon was dishing but no one was finishing. Wil and Zack finally drove in for a couple of buckets down low. Nick was unusually quiet in this game. At one point the score was 25 – 8 in favor of Morning Glory. Free Ballin finally got a few things going with Wil and Dereke hitting treys. At the half it was Morning Glory 38 – 26 Free Ballin.

In the second half, Free Ballin came alive with Brandon taking the ball the hoop for some acrobatic layups and many trips to the foul line. Dereke acted as his side kick, taking passes and dunking with authority. Wil contributed a couple more threes while  Zack continued to finish well in the paint.

Morning Glory just never stopped. Mailman got into the act, as did Abner and Joe. Even Jerry sneaked in for a layup while none of the Ballin crew was looking. Evan continued his onslaught to give the Glory a comfortable lead throughout the game despite a late run by Free Ballin. Final: Morning Glory 74 – 69 Free Ballin.

Morning Glory Player Points Rebounds
Patrick    14        5
Joe      2        1
Abner    10        2
Paul      8        6
Evan    21      10
Mailman      6        4
Joel    11        1
Jerry      2        2
Free Ballin      Player Points Rebounds
Will Blades    16       2
Nick McIlroy      2       4
Zack Silvermaster   14       8
Brandon   27       7
Dereke Bell   10       7


Team Caldwell has been dominating the league with a balanced attack featuring Stan, JJ and AB. This game was no exception. The only difference was that Tall Paul got in on the first half action with excellent shooting around the basket. Retooled Z-Team matched the Caldwells basket-for-basket in the first half. Paul Reiter got things started with a nice trey from the wing. He also held AB to 9 points for the half. Nyima put on another shooting display often started by a steal on the defensive side. Matt rang the three bell six times in the first half. New player, B Riley was also effective around the basket. At the half it was Team Caldwell 64 – 58 Z-Team.

The second half was a different story. AB upped his game and David Dean also added some scoring punch. The Z-Team defense started to break down as Stan released early numerous times for easy, uncontested layups. For the Z’s, Lucas put in some good minutes especially on defense where they sorely needed it. Paul Reiter switched with Nyima to handle Stan. It was a good switch though not enough to staunch the bleeding. In the end, Team Caldwell prevailed, 124 – 97.

Z-Team Player Points Rebounds
Sherab Nyima    33       6
Paul Reiter    14       9
B Riley    20       8
Matt Bryant    28       6
Lucas      2       3
Team Caldwell Player Points Rebounds
Stan Caldwell     25        9
AB Najee     39        8
JJ Frazier     25        7
Tall Paul     16        6
Lev Mendel     16        2
David Dean     17        4

Top Scorers: AB Najee 39, Sherab Nyima 33, Matt Bryant 28, Brandon 27, JJ Frazier 25, Stan Caldwell 25

Players of the Game: AB Najee, Evan, Patrick


4 – 0  Team Caldwell

2 -2   Morning Glory

2 – 2  Z-Team

2 – 2  Free Ballin

0 – 4  Rough Around the Edges

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