About us

East Bay United is a non-profit community-based organization that uses sports as an entry point to programs that promote healthy living, educational excellence and violence prevention. It grew out of a core group of elite athletes who wanted to do more than just play basketball.

We realize that our community needs more than sports heroes; it needs coaches, mentors, tutors and professionals who can show the way to younger players and their friends as they find their way in life.

What began as conversations between younger and older players has now grown into a rich array of programs that serve children and adults in the greater Bay Area. Volunteerism is one of the foundations of EBU. Our volunteers assist the organization in raising funds, in promoting the organization, and in running our social service programs as well as the activities we organize for the causes we support: educational excellence, and the prevention of diabetes, obesity and violence.

For more information about East Bay United and the programs we offer, click here.